We all know mobile data in South Africa is somewhat expensive, and as we are becoming more integrated as citizens we need to look for robust and affordable service(s) to gain access the internet and resources we need to survive, like banking services, electricity services, even security services.

Below we will summarize 3 ways in which you can stay connected at a reasonable price while doing business, travelling and may even cover some light entertainment at home.

Option 1. MTN Mobile Data Contract
This solution is geared towards the individual who has wifi at home and at the office, and needs not more the 24GB per month to do business and keep active online for communication during the week and while out on weekends.

MTN Mobile Data


Connect One, offers MTN Mobile data Contract(s), and have packages ranging from 500MB/pm - 24GB/pm and can be attached to any existing MTN mobile contract. This means that you will have regular voice service as well as an extended data service attached to the same sim. For non-dual-simcard phone owners this makes sense, especially if the user doesn't want to carry multiple devices.

As an example, if you have any one of the MTN MADE FOR ME plans, (See image below) you can easily attach up to an additional 24GBs to your sim card at a reasonable price. Therefore reducing your top-up spend on a monthly basis.

MTN Mobile


The Connect One MTN Data Plans are cheaper per GB then buying mobile top-up GB's as you use, some advantages about the service.

  • Great 4G connectivity across the network allows for great video calling and even streaming.
  • Usage notifications are sent via SMS so that you always know how much you have used, this is done at 50% usage, 80% Usage and 100% Usage.
  • An email is sent to you every morning to so that you know what you have used the previous day.
  • Savings up to R23per GB compared to Top-up cost per GB.
  • Payments are done easily online by credit card

Speak to our consultants via the chat feature to find out more about the offering and if it will work for you.

Option 2. Telkom LTE Deals

Plain and simple the Telkom LTE offering is a stable and reasonably priced data connectivity service that you can get. The new LTE packages were released in late Q2 this year, and is good value for money. The sim card is ideally to be used in an LTE compatible Mobile Router or Fixed Router and is suitable for individuals who might consider working from home, and will even cover you for some light entertainment.

The Night Surfer(Night Surfer hours are between 00:00 and 07:00 daily) data included with these packages are ideal if you work or study late through the evening. With sim only deals starting from R244.00pm this solution is ideal for students and individuals studying after hours online courses.

Telkom + B311


  • Telkom Packages start from R122.00pm(Sim only deals), this will get you 10GB(Anytime) + 10GB(Night surfer).
  • Night Surfer GB's are great for studying after hours.
  • Stable network across the country.

Speak to our consultants via the chat feature to find out more about the offering, or sign-up for a SIM Only Deal or for a Fixed LTE Deal(Router Inclusive).

Option 3. MTN LTE

Saving the best for last!



Where the MTN LTE shines above the rest is with its top-up pricing. Once your data has been used up, per GB you will be paying a whopping R15.0/GB. The sim cards are best used in either a Mobile LTE router or Fixed LTE Router Available for R999.00 when you sign-up for a combo deal through us. Packages range from 30GB(Anytime data) + 30GB(Night time data) all the way to 150GB(Anytime data) + 150GB(Night time data). With pricing ranging from R295.00pm to R949.00pm respectively.

With this LTE Package, you will be able to stream and game online at an affordable ZAR/GB(RAND/GB). And is a great solution for techies where there is no fibre service available.


  • MTN offers the cheapest Top-ups per GB @ R15.0/GB(with Connect One Africa(PTY) Ltd.)
  • National Coverage
  • Can be used in both Fixed and mobile settings.(Where the device is LTE enabled).
  • Best sim based LTE service for streaming and gaming.

Orders can be placed online via the link HERE.

Sunday, November 24, 2019

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