Telkom LTE | Service notification

 We are still experiencing issues with Telkom LTE top ups being delayed. We are also having issues with usage display via our CCP and RCP. Our engineers are working with Telkom to have this resolved with urgency.a

21st Jul 2020
Telkom LTE | Service notification

Telkom are currently experiencing delays with processing service changes.The issue has been escalated to Telkom. No ETR has been provided at this time.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

Connect One Africa

1st May 2020
Increase in latency | Damaged Undersea cables | Update

Additional capacity has been acquired running off of Seacom. Currently traffic is routing through here as well.Engineers are rerouting traffic managing our international traffic across the alternate paths to make sure we keep packet loss at bay and improve the experience for all our clients.

2nd Apr 2020
Increase in latency | Damaged Undersea cables

Please be advised we have been made aware that there will be a an increase in latency due damaged undersea cables. Please be advised that the issue is affecting most ISP's.

We will keep you updated on as we receive updates.

Connect One Team

28th Mar 2020
Fibre Freeze Period

Please be advised that the annual Fibre Freeze period begins on 13 December and ends on 12 January 2020. Installations are put on hold during this time and are scheduled for the New Year. Please place your order so that we may secure the earliest installation date for you.

12th Dec 2019
3 thrifty data options for 2020

We all know mobile data in South Africa is somewhat expensive, and as we are becoming more integrated as citizens we need to look for robust and affordable service(s) to gain access the internet and resources we need to survive, like banking services, electricity services, even security services. Below we will summarize 3 ways in which you can ... Read More »

24th Nov 2019

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